Handmade jewellery brand Cleopatra’s Bling officially touched down in the UK this week.

At an event held in London, Cleopatra’s Bling impressed press and jewellery buyers with a distinctive mix of fine and demi-fine jewels.

With a belief that everyone should be able to enjoy jewellers, Australian designer Olivia Cummings offers designs in solid gold, silver, and gold-plate.


Pieces have been inspired by the brand founder’s love for travel, the ethereal, and the symbolic – a fusion of Eastern allure and Western style.

Each piece is designed in Italy where Cummings lives, with the solid gold fine range handcrafted in Florence and the demi-fine sterling silver- and gold-plated vermeil pieces, made in Indonesia and India.

Cummings makes a point of working with traditional craftspeople on all of her pieces and hopes the work will assist them in continuing with their craft for generations to come.

Cleopatra’s Bling has landed in the UK with three collections: My Italian Summer, The Flower Woman, and Siren Song.

My Italian Summer and the Siren Song form part of the brand’s demi-fine offer, with pieces from My Italian Summer being inspired by the coastal cities and island towns of southern Italy, and Siren Song products nodding to the city of Naples

The Flower Woman is a full line of sold gold and gemstone adorned birthstone pieces, with a clear handmade touch.

Take a look at the debut offer here: