A sneak peak at Domino's look book.

Domino has announced it will be showcasing over 100 new designs across its most popular collections at this year’s International Jewellery London and with this the brand has created a look book featuring a selection of hero pieces.

The 24 page look Book features the new pieces added to its Belle Ile, Rosabella, Starla and Scintillating Diamonds collections.

The look book ranges are supported, as sales and marketing director, Andrew Sollitt explains, by the ‘Design & Detail’ element of Domino’s current marketing campaign which


stresses the company’s five core values.  These also include: its UK manufacturing heritage; its commitment to quality; its willingness to invest in new technologies and its embrace of fair trading practices.

“The look book has been designed to give our customers, the retailers, a taste of the very different styles of jewellery that these collections can offer. It also explains the design inspiration behind each range and the depth of thought and attention to detail that has gone into creating them,” explains Sollitt.

Each of the four ranges has its own personality. Belle Ile is well-known for its special occasion pieces which are trend responsive and make particular use of richly coloured gemstones.

Rosabella is an elegant diamond collection offering classic pieces for all occasions.  Scintillating Diamonds is differentiated by its central diamonds being mounted on fine wire to add movement and sparkle when being worn, while the versatile Starla uses illusion settings to striking and modern effect.

The collection with the greatest number of new additions is Belle Ile – with five new ranges of earring and neckwear suites joining its already comprehensive selection. Here too each suite has a distinct personality created by Domino’s design team and based on current global fashion trends. There are a number of complementary designs in each new Belle Ile range offering opportunities to mix and match and to facilitate add-on sales.

Glacier, as its name suggests, is all about white, celebrating the purity of white metal and the natural beauty of diamondsWhere Glacier is crisp and clean, Ore is all about the warmth and the luxury of rich red and yellow gold with just a sprinkling of highlight diamonds. Eden draws its inspiration from floral and botanical themes and from the splendour of an English country garden. Spectrum is for those who value colour and uses the big three gemstones to dramatic effect. For their inspiration in creating Midnight, Domino’s design team looked to the heavens and here you will find both black and white diamonds set in halos and coronas around a central stone.

“We couldn’t be more delighted with these new designs, many of which are available at price points which make them absolutely ideal for the forthcoming Christmas season. I sincerely hope that old and new customers alike will indeed come to the stand and take and good long look at what’s on offer,” adds Sollitt.

Retailers unable to visit IJL can request a copy of the ‘Look Book’ by emailing info@dominojewellery.com or should make an appointment with the sales representative to view the entire new collection.