Independent jewellery retailer John Titcombe has opened the doors to a new flagship store in Bristol.

John Titcombe opened its first boutique in Bristol in 2000, and later went on to expand into the unit opposite in 2008.

Over the last ten years the independent jeweller has been trading from two units in the city’s Clifton Village, where sales have continued to go from strength to strength, so when an opportunity came to expand into the building next door – the company took it.


Now the company has opened the doors to a lavish new two-floor showroom, complete with a bar and a room dedicated to bespoke.

As a business, bespoke has always been at the heart of John Titcombe Jewellers, and now the company has a dedicated room where customers can meet CAD designers and watch pieces come to live.

Professional Jeweller’s favourite part of the new showroom is the work bench which has been placed in the bespoke room’s window facing out to the public. Here, old and new come to life to show all stages of a bespoke piece of jewellery’s journey, and since opening just over a month ago store owner, John Titcombe, has been known to work from the bench and draw up a crowd.

The stylish new showroom takes inspiration from boutique hotels, but every single detail has been completely designed by the namesake owner.

For the company, the store itself now a showcase of the design, skills and talent within the team, and physically displays how the business can make dream ideas become a reality.

Find out more about the flagship, and what makes it stand out, in the December issue of Professional Jeweller.


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