Fourth Avenue Jewellery Lounge is one step ahead with Pursuit.

Fourth Avenue Jewellery Lounge in Norwich has become one of the first retailers in the UK to completely remove cash registers from its stores and replace them with a roving sales team using iPads, which specialists believe is the way of the future.

The innovation was made possible by Pursuit Software’s Lifestyle iPad system, which allows all the normal check out routines to be conducted on the wireless digital tablet.


Fourth Avenue Jewellery Lounge opened in September, using the new system that allows customers to make transactions not across a counter but while lounging on a sofa sipping a drink.

“Lifestyle transforms the customer experience by allowing jewellers to create new retail spaces that open up an entirely different and more intimate way of selling,” says Fourth Avenue Jewellery Lounge marketing manager Michele Whittam, who was recently appointed to the CMJ board and is a director at Hemstock’s Jewellers. “The reaction of Fourth Avenue’s first customers can be summed up in one word – amazing. Being offered refreshments and sitting on a sofa rather than standing waiting for assistance induces an entirely different mood.”

As well as processing sales, the Pursuit Lifestyle iPads give a window into the entire stock system of Fourth Avenue Jewellery Lounge that allows far more jewellery to be presented than would be possible with the restrictions of traditional physical displays. It can also be used to guide customers by distilling their personal preferences into suggestions based on the tagging used for stock items.

“Fourth Avenue Jewellery Lounge represents the new breed of retailer,” says Pursuit Software managing director Mike Burns. “Being till free creates opportunities for new concepts in retail environments and with that, new sophistication in sales technique and a sales process with enhanced chances of success. The iPad’s utilisation as a sales tool is gathering momentum across the entire retail spectrum. Jewellers who fail to embrace iPad technology will be left behind – by retail as a whole, and by jewellers who are faster on their feet. The impact of online retailing has given many jewellers a costly lesson [of what happens when they ignore new technology trends]. They need to avoid the risk of history repeating itself.”


This article was taken from the November 2012 issue of Professional Jeweller. To read the issue online, click here.