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“In this ever fast changing world we live in, we simply lost brand relevance of today,” says Pandora CCO


Pandora has undergone a major brand overhaul, which includes a new visual identity and updated store design.

This is the brand’s biggest transformation to date, and in a nutshell, it takes the business back to its core DNA of personal expression and collecting jewellery, but it does so in a a way that is relevant to today’s consumer.

“The goal is really to regain what we lost and, in this ever fast changing world we live in, we simply lost brand relevance of today,” Pandora’s chief creative officer, Stephen Fairchild, tells Professional Jeweller.

“We have now worked out what we need to be: a brand that gives a voice to people’s loves, be that people, passion or simply self-expression.”

This is going to be Pandora’s new company purpose – to give a voice to what consumers love, passions, people and places.

“In an ever changing world with an ever changing consumer landscape, we of course need to be agile,” says Fairchild. “Consumer insights showed us that jewellery is more than something that people just like to wear, it’s an expression of who are they are. The insights also told us, that our consumers are not characterised by age, income-bracket or other generic metrics. Instead, they characterised by the desire to emotionally connect with their jewellery purchase – and we wanted to get even closer and help even more on this journey.”

While the rebrand comes complete with new marketing materials, collaborations, and products, the main focus is on the customer experience.

A big part of enhancing the customer experience has been transforming the physical retail environment, with the roll-out of a new look store beginning earlier this year with one experience store in Shanghai and ten fully refurbished stores set to open as pilots in 2019.

As a key market, four of the ten stores receiving a makeover this year will be in the UK. This summer, the brand’s Leicester Fosse Park store was updated as part of the testing phase, while the Birmingham Bull Ring, Bath, and Covent Garden boutiques will be transformed before the lucrative Christmas trading period.

“With an abundance of online choices, it is no longer enough for a brand just to sell high quality products,” affirms Fairchild. “We are making the store a destination our customers would want to spend more time.”

The new retail concept has an optimised store layout built for intuitive consumer flow and self-discovery including newly designed store elements.

The whole focus of the new retail environment Pandora has created is to encourage customers to touch and feel products to experience the playfulness, experiment with creating their own unique looks, and to become better acquainted with the craftsmanship behind each piece.

Fairchild explains: “The new global store concept design encourages discovery and collecting.

“Our wish is that our customers will feel emotionally more connected, more inspired and embraced by the new look and feel in our stores.”

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