Independently-run Kingston Jewellers is seeking a wholesale partner in the UK to help take its lab-grown diamond jewellery brand to the next level. 

Kingston Jewellers launched the Nova Lab Diamond range five months ago, and already sales from the store and website have exceeded the retailer’s expectations.

Now the jeweller will be launching a dedicated online B2C and B2B website to offer the range to consumers and retailers across the UK.


“We have decided to seek a partner for this new venture” shares business director, Edward Kingston. “Through a new website, photography and appointing a dedicated marketing team we can add a number of new products and grow the concept.”

He continues: “Ideally we would like to collaborate with a wholesale company in the UK who understands the market and has a customer base to market this to.”

Kingston Jewellers owns a number of lab-diamond domain names and has streamlined all the production and sales processes, including certification, from order to delivery is now under 21 days.

“Our specialist supplier Madestones has enabled us to widen the offering to wedding and anniversary rings and our in house workshop means we can keep manufacturing and quality control in house,” adds Kingston.

“We forecast in early 2018 that lab diamonds would change the industry without disrupting the sales of certificated mined diamonds,” outlines Kingston, “and with our research it’s not just just the 25-35 age group that are the key market but 45-60 year olds looking for value and made in the UK.”


  1. Excellent, many older retailers are resistant to lab grown,but it’s the future.
    Like houses,there isn’t the money and quantity for quality diamonds online and in the high street.
    Even those resisting will opt for them once their competitors Offer them on mass.