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Independent retailers cash in on local aspect of Andrew Geoghegan collaborations


Independent retailers across the country have started to enjoy the benefits of teaming up with Andrew Geoghegan’s new partnership project.

The collaborations are part of an initiative from Geoghegan to adapt jewellery brands to changing consumer habits.

In 2017, Geoghegan became aware of the changing customer behaviour and saw that although his brand’s collections were selling through retailers, the demand for totally unique and bespoke items was increasing.

He therefore initiated a collaborative design and manufacture service which offered to design and make retailers their very own collections.

One retailer which has benefitted from the scheme already is ST Hoppers in Boston, Lincolnshire.

James Hopper, director at the firm, said: “When Andrew proposed the idea to us we felt it had legs but we were reticent in investing into a new approach at that time. When he mentioned that we could supply some of our dated diamond stock for the project and that there was no charge for the initial concepts we couldn’t refuse. The team love the ‘1926’ design and it perfectly celebrates what we intended and at the same time has that all-important commerciality.”

From the outset Geoghegan hoped that the local and individual aspect of the idea would help drive it.

Commenting on how he hopes the collaboration work will continue to expand, he said: “Retailers who see the potential of this collaborative project are benefiting in many ways. Even shops with their own designers and workshops are getting involved partly because of our award-winning status but also in that we take away the headache of the manufacturing process. We welcome other retailers to join us in this bid to be unique.”


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