Green Rocks Created Diamonds, based in London’s Hatton Garden, has hosted the first in a series of webinars discussing laboratory-created diamonds.

This comes after the supplier initially aimed to hold only one stand-alone webinar. Such was the success of the event, however, that Green Rocks will now run an entire series.

Joined by over 200 independent jewellers from 15 different countries and led by Adam Hoffman, the CTO of the company’s production facility and research and development in Israel, the first webinar focused primarily on how the company grows rough stones to produce its laboratory-created diamonds.


“It was a joy and a privilege to be able to interact directly with the jewellers who go on to sell the diamonds we produce in the laboratory,” said Hoffman. “This will most certainly not be the last webinar we do.”

“We are thrilled with the success and level of engagement we had in the chat from the participating jewellers.” comments Maiko Eaton from the Green Rocks London team. “We were asked a lot of questions, some hard, some divisive, but it confirmed to us that there is a real demand for more educational resources like this in our industry and that we need to continue doing what we are doing.”

Leon Peres, CEO of Green Rocks, added: “We have always seen our role as more than just a manufacturer and supplier of stones.

“Our sales team are here to guide, educate and help you in your laboratory-grown diamond journey and are supported by the knowledge of a team of scientists at the forefront of the technology. I truly believe we offer retailer support that is second to none.”

The Green Rocks team discussed everything from the two different growth methods used to create laboratory-grown diamonds (HPHT and CVD), the evolution of certification and terminology changes, and a short segment discussing sustainability and the environmental credentials of the product.

The latter proved a controversial topic that drew the most questions from the invited audience.

Jewellers were polled at the end of the session to choose the topic of the next webinar and an overwhelming majority chose sustainability to be the focus of the next session.

“When we first decided to create this webinar, we went into it thinking it would be a stand-alone session” said Peres, “but we quickly realised that we have barely scratched the surface and that jewellers have so much more they want to ask and learn about the product.

“I am very pleased to announce to Professional Jeweller that our next session is confirmed in the coming months and we will be bringing on the VP of SCS Global – a well known name in the sustainability sector – to discuss their new Certification Standard for Sustainable Diamonds of which Green Rocks is proudly one of the growers in the pilot audit.”

The Certification Standard for Sustainable Diamonds (SCS 007) is the first comprehensive, multi-stakeholder sustainability standard to be developed for both the mined and laboratory-grown diamond sector.

Peres added: “I believe jewellers and consumers are demanding more transparency in both the laboratory grown and the natural sector.

“This certification is a great thing for the industry as a whole and will be a powerful tool for jewellers to use to say that the diamonds they source from us are sustainably grown.”

Anyone who missed the webinar and would like to view it can contact Green Rocks on 0203 903 0969 or email