Former Bransom employee, Daren Daniels, has announced the launch of an app designed to help the jewellery trade shift unwanted stock.

Daniels believes jewellers are often stuck holding more end-of-line stock year after year than other businesses, so has created a new e-commerce trading platform for the industry to sell unwanted items to trade colleagues.

Named The Jewellery App, the exclusive B2B platform aims to be the Ebay of the jewellery trade by enabling jewellers, pawnbrokers, suppliers, and watch dealers to ‘share, buy and sell’ any unwanted trade related items.


The owner of REDBLOK, Daren Daniels, explains: “All retailers have problems with stock, whether it is the supply chain, your business being understocked or overstocked The Jewellery App enables the trade to deal with their stock issues head-on via a modern cloud-based e-commerce platform.”

The Jewellery App is only available to jewellery trade businesses – so members can trade together in confidence as there will be no public access.

By providing an all-in-one resource industry professionals can sell and buy books, tools, counters, jewellery, branded jewellery, watches, displays, safes etc. Single items, job lots, new or secondhand.

Michelle Daniels, business partner and retail jeweller continues: “This is an exciting time and we are offering 6 months free if you pre-register before the end of February. The Jewellery App launches in a few weeks time.”