Millennials from the UK jewellery industry reveal what they look for in a luxury in-store shopping experience.

While there’s a lot of data surround millennial consumers and how their purchasing habits, Professional Jeweller decided to collect exclusive insights from members of the jewellery industry within this age bracket.

Focused on quality, value and the theatre of shopping, millennials seek more than just a smile at the till no matter what piece of jewellery they are buying. So when it comes to making a luxury purchase, what do  millennials with a knowledge of the industry expect?


Primarily, it may seem obvious, but they want to feel welcome. Millennial consumers want to be treated like other generations shopping luxury, and they want to feel relaxed and comfortable walking around a store.

“A luxury store is somewhere you could quite happily spend hours in perusing the collections and feeling comfortable touching and trying pieces on,” shares Clogau PR and marketing coordinator, Beth Jones. “I think it’s really important to have that balance of high-end, luxury but ensuring the customer is comfortable to stay and find a piece they love.”

“You should never be made to feel uncomfortable and if I did — it’s not the right store for me,” expresses Victoria Louise. “If an in-store experience isn’t a positive one, then I wouldn’t feel happy with my purchase.

She continues: “When going to buy a piece of jewellery, I have usually researched for a while about the brand, the designer and even the material options online. I will also have saved up money for this purchase and would like to be made to feel special and be encouraged to spend time trying different things on. It’s so important to be able to relax into the experience so you feel comfortable and confident in your choices.”

A positive experience for millennials heavily relies on a knowledgeable team, especially, as Victoria Louise mentioned, the majority of shoppers in this age group will do an extensive amount of research online before even entering your store.

In light of this, for some of your millennial consumers they would have already been won over before you meet them. The next step then is to keep them engaged and interested, not by being pushy or patronising, but by understanding their needs — which is for your staff to be helpful, encouraging, and above all, able to answer consumer questions efficiently.

While they may already have the answers to some of their questions, they will feel more confident if you can reassure them as a personal connection is still important to this generation.

“We are quick and knowledgable in our purchases, because we have the entire world at our fingertips in the form of tablets and smartphones,” explains Becky Guth from Facets PR.

“I want to shop in a place that understands what I want and offers advice, but doesn’t try to veer me off course. I hate pushy assistants, but I like confidence in a product.”

Maddy Richards from the NAJ adds: “If I do go to a luxury store, I have already made my mind up on a product, due to my online research and preconception of the brand. I would only feel uncomfortable if the atmosphere was unwelcoming, however it wouldn’t put me off my purchase as my mind is made up. However it would be unlikely for me to return to somewhere where I have had a bad experience.”

Knowledge is king when it comes to millennial consumers. Learning more about a product or a brand than they previously knew excites them and makes them feel special.

As does sharing stories — whether that’s the story of a gemstone, or your store, or the brand. Millennials connect more, when they know more.

More insight from industry millennials can be read in our luxury-focused July issue.

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