Ethical jeweller Arabel Lebrusan and jewellery journalist Claire Roberts have joined forces to launch The Vintage Ring Company.

As the name suggests, The Vintage Ring Company is an online jewellery site offering consumers a diverse selection of hand-picked antique, vintage, and vintage style rings.

Curated by Lebrusan and Roberts, all pieces are priced under £2,000, and are thoroughly inspected by a goldsmith, repaired where necessary, and cleaned and polished before being added to the site.


Identifying a gap in the market for budget-friendly vintage rings that consumers can buy online with confidence, Lebrusan and Roberts partnered in 2018 to build the newly launched platform.

With Robert’s previous experience as managing editor of The Jewellery Editor and Lebrusan’s thriving website selling ethical jewellery to clients all over the world, they knew exactly what was needed: a clean, easy-to-browse portal offering insight into the world of vintage engagement rings, populated with beautifully curated close-ups and videos to show what pieces look like when worn.

Championing transparency and honesty with each purchase, The Vintage Ring Company provides the Certificate of Authenticity with each ring, issued and signed by The Goldsmiths’ Company and differentiating them from others in the market.

“This was very important to us right from the start,” says co-founder Claire Roberts. “For many women, a vintage engagement ring is the first piece of vintage jewellery they will own. This often makes shopping for a ring, particularly online, a daunting experience because you are never 100% sure that what you are buying is genuine. With our certificates, we are able to give our customers complete peace of mind. The certificate shows the size of the diamonds and gemstones, the carat count of the precious metal and the era in which the ring was originally made. It is our guarantee that each ring has been professionally assessed and is exactly as described.”

The website is divided into three sections: Antique Engagement Rings (pre-1940s), Vintage Engagement Rings (1940s-1970s) and Vintage Style Engagement Rings (1980s onwards).

Arabel Lebrusan comments: “While many of the rings are from the popular Edwardian, Victorian and Art Deco eras, there are also some mid-century classics alongside a selection of vintage style rings selected because they share the same charming attributes as their vintage sisters. All the classic gems favoured for engagement rings are featured, from diamonds to rubies, sapphires and emeralds. We are confident there is the perfect match for every couple”.

The Vintage Ring Company also offers a free ring resizing service and if someone orders by midnight on Monday they will have the ring by Friday.