Inhorgenta picks out men’s jewel trends for 2015

Inhorgenta Munich has set out a number of trends in men’s jewellery design that it believes will shape the market in 2015, including hippies, the Baroque era and steam punk.

Men’s jewellery is a growing market for the trade show and the exhibition claims that tastes are no longer being driven by function, but by personality.

Inhorgenta Munich product manager Renate Wittgenstein said: “Some of our exhibitors have specifically specialised themselves in men’s jewellery, while others reserve more space for this segment in their latest collections. This market has continuously grown in the last few years and is becoming more and more respectable.”

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Mix of Materials
With an increasingly wide choice, a man must decide on the look that suits him best. Following the autumn and winter trends in the watch and jewellery sector, two fashion trends can distinguished for 2015, in addition to the classic line: modern, clean design supported by materials like titanium, steel, carbon and ceramics, and the vintage look which is close to nature and underlines the wearer’s personality by the use of wood, leather or stones.

“Besides the steel and leather models in the collections, different rock styles, pieces inspired by steam punk and symbolic jewellery creations made of materials like silver and bronze are booming,” explains Irmie Schüch-Schamburek, trend expert and owner of the Trendvision trend consulting agency.

Golden Hippy Times
The latest jewellery and watch collections are also influenced by the era of the 1960s and 1970s, and gold is currently experiencing a revival. It is considered to be a clear must have: whether as a bracelet, chain or ring – all that glitters is gold. Likewise, the interplay between silver and black continues to be a popular combination that men prefer.

Baroque Influence
Eccentric and extravagant styles have reached men’s jewellery. They do not strike up quiet sounds: the more visible the jewellery, the better. Evoking the Baroque era, rings cannot be large enough and amulets never too flamboyant.

Classic Lovers
In contrast to the opulent pieces, many men continue to rely on jewellery that is sober in style and keeps a low profile as timeless classics.



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