Munich jewellery and watch trade show Inhorgenta, has unveiled its wedding band trends for 2016 ahead of this year’s show.

Exhibitors showcasing wedding rings at Inhorgenta Munich 2016 will be presenting a wide and diverse offering inside the redesigned Fine Jewellery Hall B1.

Here’s a round-up on Inhorgenta’s wedding band trends to look out for this year.


In vogue: ‘Stack ’Em Up’
Stylish, eye-catching and versatile – stacking rings up on one finger – is one of the major wedding band trends. In the majority of the cases, it is a creatively extended arrangement of the engagement ring and the wedding band. For instance, a delicate wedding band can become a fascinating stacking creation by combining it with a solitaire and a memory ring. Fabian Meister, managing director of Meister GmbH, explains: “In line with their symbolic meaning, the solitaire and the engagement ring stacked on top of the wedding band should be combinable to form a perfect union and merge harmoniously into one another, a requirement that is perfectly fulfilled by the rings of our classic line. Moreover, we are observing a strong trend towards symbol rings.”

Personal messages
Couples are more frequently choosing rings with symbolic power. Characterised by a filigree design or a meaningful width, these rings are furnished with engravings – either hidden inside or presented on the outside – expressing a couple’s personal values. Since the guiding principle is individuality rather than uniformity, even one’s own handwriting or personal fingerprint may nowadays decorate a wedding band.

Interplay of colours and forms
The purist beauty of white gold continues to be highly appreciated by the majority of couples, followed by silver, titanium or steel. Michael Bentner, member of the board of management of Roland Rauschmayer GmbH & Co. KG, affirms that white metals are very popular: “The trend continues to be towards classic jewellery in 2016. As regards to the colour schemes, all is permitted that pleases, that is both bi-/tri-color combinations and rings in plain colours.” Sort, warm colour shades, such as rose gold, set new highlights in the realm of wedding rings too, while innovative materials such as velvety black carbon will play a big role in the year to come, and combinations with gold or platinum are on many couples’ wish lists.
Stylish individuality
Love binds together what is true and genuine – an aspect increasingly reflected in wedding rings with brilliants. The variety of smooth and matt surfaces as well as the fascinating combination of precious metals and high-tech materials mainly attracts a creative and style-oriented audience. In 2016, playful floral design is just as appreciated as clear geometric styling. Processing traces make the values of fine craftsmanship visible: rough surfaces, which may take on a patina over the course of time, rather than smoothly polished ones, are predominant.
Exhibition director, Stafanie Mändlein, concludes: “For the retail trade, engagement rings and wedding bands open up a jewellery segment that attracts young customers and often binds them to the jeweller. There is a big chance that customers also make the choice of their wedding rings at the shop to which they are emotionally attached because they already have bought their engagement rings there.”

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