Spanish jewellery brand UNOde50 prides itself on its design creativity, offering notoriously bold pieces.

Now, the brand is doubling down on its impressive retailer support package, says sales director Emma-Louise Gregory.

What does innovation mean to you and what part does it play in your company culture?


Innovation, for me, is to always be forward-thinking, to have that competitive advantage in terms of design, product, and efficiency.

Within UNOde50, innovation is about creating a brand that is like nothing else: unique and powerful with differential factors.

In what ways are you innovating from a product or design perspective at the moment? José Azulay and his team at UNOde50 are always planning ahead, taking inspiration from art, everyday objects and emotions, and transforming them into breathtakingly beautiful pieces.

Innovation is ongoing from the design process through to the creation process, always with the wearer in mind.

What product plans can you share for 2021?

We have just launched our SS21 collection, Indomitable, which is full of energy.

This is achieved through five capsule collections: Freedom (dragonflies), Savage (irregular hearts), Ecstasy (crystals), Thread of Life (reinterpretation of its iconic needles and buttons) and Glam (links).

There is no other brand that you can compare UNOde50 to and that is what makes the brand so successful and unique”

These collections are uplifting and positive and we are confident that our retailers will fall in love with this collection.

What are the key influences when it comes to new product development and do you see these changing?

Here at UNOde50, we have a large fanbase, so for us, it is important to develop new product lines that will excite our audience and encourage them to keep building their personal collections.

We also need to focus on what is happening in the market, what trends are popular, what colours – but we always continue to build on our roots and what UNOde50 is renowned for: unique and bold.

How do you seek to differentiate yourselves from competitors?

Our whole design process is unique and the heart of UNOde50 is José Azulay, an artist, who finds beauty and inspiration in all things.

He appreciates life and art and combines this within all his designs, hence UNOde50 looks like no other brand, meaning less competition in stores.

There is no other brand that you can compare UNOde50 to and that is what makes the brand so successful and unique.

Innovation can also occur from a non-design perspective e.g. through technology changes, marketing and customer support. Is there anything innovative you’ve been doing for retailers in this regard?

For me personally, support to retailers is massively important.

the focus will always be about supporting our retailers to the highest standard”

We support our partners with staff training, visual merchandising, stock assortments and during the store closures, we even created personalised social media videos to help retailers with sell through across their social media platforms, and just recently, we created a special ‘Shop this Window’ QR code system to help drive consumers to retailers’ websites.

We will do everything in our power to make sure our retailers are happy and supported.

It has been a challenging 12 months for the industry – what key trends do you expect to see within the jewellery industry this year?

The beauty of our industry is that consumers love to visit their local independent jewellers and I believe that this will continue once the stores are reopen, retailers that I have spoken to have told me that online has been strong, so that proves that their customer base is remaining faithful and supportive.

What has been interesting for us, is that we have been approached by new retailers who are looking to relaunch with a new brand to create excitement and drive more footfall once they reopen.

I think this is a very positive approach and is a great way to boost morale during such a strange time and gives their customers something new to get excited about.

How has the pandemic affected your business strategy – what’s your main focus now?

Our focus has not changed, the focus will always be about supporting our retailers to the highest standard. This, I feel, goes hand-in-hand with brand growth and success within stores and the emphasis on growing strong partnerships.

We would also like to open with more exclusive retailers and continue building momentum with brand growth.

What do you see as being the main trends for the particular category of jewellery you specialise in during the next 12 months?

Within all our retail partners, we see a pattern with sell through data, this pattern is clear that bracelets are our key sellers, along with our bold statement pieces.

Consumers love the fact that we offer bold and chunky jewellery, so for us this is the key trend.

What is the key to successful partnerships between suppliers and retailers? Do you think the needs of both parties are changing as the industry becomes accustomed to a ‘new normal’?

Communication! Without clear communication, there is no partnership.

If a retailer is unhappy with a supplier, they need to communicate this, to resolve the issue and move forward in a positive way.

We can give as much support as possible but if the retailer is not willing to support us too then the brand success will be weaker.

Both retailer and supplier needs to be aligned and with the same goals in mind, to build a powerful and successful partnership!