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INSIGHT: Ryan Edkins on adapting Cadfolio


Founder of the recently launched digital jewellery industry platform, Cadfolio, shares how he has adapted Cadfolio following feedback from users over the past few months.

In Edkins words…

Cadfolio was launched with great success to the jewellery industry at this year’s IJL. Since then, we have continued to receive positive feedback and currently have more than 700 users browsing the system’s vast catalogue. Our aim has always been to bring the jewellery industry together on one platform and start to utilise the tools at our fingertips; what has become clear from our contact with users is that they are looking for a one-stop-shop and we have worked to make sure this is what we are offering.

In the months since IJL, we have been working hard to improve the offer, tailoring it to feedback from users to allow them to take full advantage of the technology. In particular, we have been concentrating on providing simplified customisation of existing CAD products. Fundamental to this has been working directly with designers to provide a seamless bespoke design experience for users. We also chose to remove all of Cadfolio’s membership sign up fees and, in doing so, allow more users to take advantage of the library of designs and tools available. We feel that this is a key move to enable more users to take advantage of the technology without any barriers to entry.

CAD design and 3D printing is proving to be the method of choice for forward thinking retailers who are looking to expand their product offering and provide a more streamlined personalised service to customers. The connections that Cadfolio facilitates mean that once an order is submitted, production time is roughly 14 days and custom projects can be designed in 2 days. Retailers are at the centre of our system improvements and in the future, we anticipate that it will be them driving demand for more CAD designs as the system grows.

We currently have around 40 companies, with retailers forming the majority, who are actively making purchases from the site on a weekly basis. At the same time, we are seeing increased uptake in our customer facing tool, which allows retailers to price products in any metal and stone quality, with their margins applied throughout. The options continue to grow, with more than 8000 designs in the system covering an extensive range of product categories, from wedding rings and bridal jewellery to designer jewellery pieces.

Connectivity remains at the heart of Cadfolio and as well as introducing businesses on a professional service level, the social aspect of the site continues to prove a vital tool in communicating with our customers. This allows us to be open and keep a conversation going to ensure that the technology we have developed is clear and accessible. The key to Cadfolio is the flexibility the system offers its users and as we continue to receive feedback we will learn from our users, ensuring the experience improves for all.



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