INSIGHT: Social media expert talks mobile friendly

With 56% of Google searches done on a mobile device, e-businesses, brands and retailers could be significantly impacted by the search engines latest change to its search algorithm.

On Tuesday April 21, Google changed the way it ranks search results, meaning non mobile-friendly sites will not be found when someone does a search on a mobile device. For example, when somebody searches for ‘fine jewellery’ only those sites optimised for mobile use will appear at the top of the list.

Any device that’s not fixed to the wall is considered a mobile device, including laptops.

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Social media expert, Mike O’Keefe from Look-C, said: “I believe, and this was the last figure I heard but it is forever changing, it’s around about 56% of all searches on Google are carried out on a mobile device. The reason behind it [the change] is to make it easier for people when they’ve done searches on Google, on a mobile device.”

At the moment non mobile-friendly sites appear on a mobile device as a shrunk down version of the desktop site. This makes it hard for viewers to click on links and find their way around the site easily.

“Google are saying it shouldn’t affect your desktop. But, if over half the people on the internet are looking on mobile devices and your switching those off because your website is not mobile compliant, your website is going to have potentially over half the visitors going from it,” O’Keefe adds. “So Google will look at it and say you are not as busy as you were and your desktop version will be impacted because that will start dropping down the rankings.”

He concludes: “It’s imperative that you’ve got to do a mobile version.”



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