A new report on the jewellery and watch market reveals which brands are leading the pack in maximising their profits and exposure online, and which are falling behind.

The report from search marketing services specialist Salience found that retailer Ernest Jones has seen the greatest increase in online visibility.

Others showing improvement this year were Tiffany & Co and H Samuel, whereas F Hinds placed 4th for greatest drop in online visibility.


This could be influenced by changes to search algorithms or not paying attention to factors like use of SEO terms.

Salience search expert, Marcus Overend, commented: “Industry variance is the average of how much visibility change there has been in the market. So here, this indicates a 6% increase for searches within this industry.

“If the market’s growing, you should be too. If it’s shrinking, you need a precise and targeted search strategy.”

While ‘high-competition keywords’ (terms used by a lot of Google searchers but also by a lot of websites) can prove effective, Salience found a number of ‘opportunity keywords’, often searched but used less by websites, that could provide a key to driving traffic.

These included ‘engagement rings’, ‘wedding rings’, ‘name necklace’, ‘diamond rings’, ‘pearl necklace’ and other lesser-used terms.

The full report reveals even more findings across the industry, and tips on how to maximise the effectiveness of a website.