Exclusively for Professional Jeweller, digital marketing consultancy Spike has utilised Google Analytics with Python to attain raw data within the jewellery sector focusing on consumer searches for jewellery categories and the most searched-for jewellery brands.

The raw data reveals both rising and related searches, to reveal what brands and types of jewellery UK consumers are looking for online. Spike analysed the average monthly searches for jewellery brands and product categories from September 2021 and compared this to September 2020.

The data reveals some interesting insights into year-on-year uplifts across various jewellery categories such as silver rings, hoop earrings and chain necklaces. Here, Spike’s Sarah Carpin takes a closer look at some of the data to ask what that means for the industry.


The data provides exclusive insights into raw hit-level Google Analytics data, therefore opening up new doors to more complex and advanced analysis on search trends…

The most searched-for brands

Reviewing the top 10 jewellery brands from September 2021 vs September 2020, Pandora ranks first with the most searches (1,500,000 in September 2021) compared to September 2020 where there were 1,220,000 searches, a growth rate of 23%.

While the growth is minimal compared to the previous year, Pandora continues to be well ahead of the curve compared to competing brands. Tiffany & Co saw a greater increase in searches (50%), as did jewellery brand Monica Vinader. Missoma (22%), Swarovski Jewellery (22%) and Chopard (23%) all experienced smaller growth rates in brand searches compared to Pandora (23%).

A standout figure revealed Hot Diamonds saw an 83% increase in brand searches for September 2021 vs September 2020.

Olivia Burton Jewellery, Thomas Sabo brand search on the decline

The data collected by Spike reveals a decrease in searches for Olivia Burton Jewellery, Thomas Sabo, Chlobo, Alex Monroe and Nomination in September 2021 compared to the previous year.

Jewellery brands Clogau Gold and Gucci Jewellery both held the same average numbers of searches in September 2021 versus the same period in 2020.

The 10 jewellery brands with the highest average monthly searches for September 2021 can be viewed below:

Pandora’s Tik Tok influencer approach shows impact

As of October, Pandora has 738.5 million hashtags views and their latest strategy of working with celebrity influencer and actress Addison Rae is part of their goal to target Gen-Z consumers. The brand is investing heavily in Gen-Z audiences with their latest collection targeting younger audiences engaging in social media platforms such as Tik Tok.

Influencer Addison Rae has 11.3 billion hashtag views on Tik Tok, so the level of searches across both hashtags is sizeable with huge potential for reach and engagement.

Other jewellery brands across search such as Tiffany & Co are experiencing good performances due to their efforts working with celebrity ambassadors as well as new advertisement campaigns which have generated mainstream media attention. Campaigns utilising celebrity ambassadors generate more brand searches.

Jewellery categories with the highest average searches

To understand what consumers are looking for, Spike analysed the most searched-for jewellery categories and the results were insightful. Reviewing 13 jewellery categories, ‘Initial Jewellery’ (43%) saw the highest increase in search movement across September 2021 versus September 2020.

While there were a lower number of searches for ‘Initial Jewellery’ compared to other categories, it’s likely that purchasing for Christmas gifts is influencing more personalised jewellery for family and friends.

‘Chain Necklace’ (-33%) saw the biggest decrease in searches in September 2021, compared to September 2020. Searches for ‘Diamond Engagement Rings’ and ‘Eternity Rings’ both saw an 18% decrease in September 2021.

‘Silver Earrings’, ‘Diamond Stud Earrings’ and ‘Silver Rings’ all saw modest increases in searches for September 2021 ranging from 22-23%.

‘Wedding Rings’ had the highest number of searches in September 2021 (90,500) suggesting that searches for wedding rings peaked at the end of lockdown as weddings resumed.

The funnel graph below details the highest searched for jewellery categories in September from positions 1-13.


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