Inspired Treasures pushes Crowns & Regalia jewels


Distributor brings commemorative jewellery and souvenirs to IJL.

Distributor Inspired Treasures will show at IJL in September, with its collection of royal inspired jewellery.

Inspired Treasures will showcase its Crowns & Regalia brand, a collection of jewellery inspired by regalia and jewellery from British and European Royal Families.

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It will also launch a range of jewellery for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations taking place next year.

The Crowns & Regalia brand has been specialising in all forms of Crown Jewels for more than 25 years, and are owned and operated by Inspired Treasures, also known as Ancestors of Dover.

The brand says “Our strength and reputation comes not only from our outstanding client base – which includes customers such as HM Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Edinburgh Castle and exclusive gift shops throughout the world. – but also from our extensive dedication and knowledge of the subject matter.”

Its collections are made in England with collections including miniature versions of the Crown Jewels and jewellery collections exclusively by Suzan Findeisen with a historic and royal influence.

The jewellery is crafted with steel or base metal plated in gold or silver and designs include Austrian crystal and faux pearls.

Inspired Treasures will also launch a mid-summer collection of jewellery produced by license with the Royal Ballet.
Some of the designs have been modelled on Royal Ballet dancers to make a collection of hand-enameled 3D figures as pendants and earrings and a charm bracelet.

The collection also includes silhouetted ballet dancers made in sterling silver as lapel badge pins, small pendants and earrings, while a collection of word necklaces has been produced featuring classic ballet terms such as ‘Arabesque’. All items are packed in a Royal Ballet pink satin drawstring bag.


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