Dominic Gomersall is the third generation of his family to be charged with running a successful independent jewellery store in Leicester, and he has proven the business is more than safe in his hands.

During his tenure, Lumbers has experienced some significant changes, including the relocation to a 16,000 square foot ‘emporium’ in a prime spot on the high street.

The relocation, and the investment that came with it, has seen the business go from strength-to-strength.


As a business, Lumbers is not afraid to adapt and move with the times, with the retailer doing all it can to put the customer first, and give them an experience to remember. Furthermore, Gomersall has worked hard to make Lumbers a household name in the local area, with the MD striving to be not only the best jeweller in Leicester, but the most known jewellery brand.

Building up a local reputation has been the making of Lumbers, which scooped the prestigious Independent Jewellery Retailer of the Year accolade at last year’s UKJA.

Lumbers has made its name known in the city through sponsoring big sporting events and supporting local charities, whilst also putting on memorable customer events that allow shoppers to get to know the team and what the company is all about.

It’s not just the reputation that Gomersall has lifted though, he’s also continued to make Lumbers a desirable place to work and shop, with people being more than willing to spend lots of time inside the store.