The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths has appointed a new chairman.

Russell Lownsbrough FIPG was appointed at the organisation’s 36th AGM with universal approval from attendees.

Additionally, Wayne Meeten FIPG and Danila Tarcinale FIPG were two new members who were admitted to the executive committee.


The members attending were informed of the IPG’s activities and the efforts of the committee on their behalf.

The Institute has also secured a broad range of discount deals with suppliers, significantly increasing member benefits, mainly thanks to the two new committee members.

Commenting on his appointment, Lownsbrough said: “It’s a great honour to accept this role in an organisation as prestigious as the IPG, especially at a very exciting time for time for us. We have a great mix of energy and experience in the executive at the moment. I look forward to helping steer the Institute into the future.”

He added: “We’ve had good membership growth over the last couple of years. We’ve vastly increased our engagement with social media and become much more outward looking. We’re also looking at extending our range social events, which will provide great networking opportunities.”

Further exhibitions are also being planned following the success of the Hidden Treasures exhibition in May 2018.