The last 12 months have been a whirlwind of rebranding, overhauling and experimenting for Andrew Geoghegan and his team. With the results now ready to be shown off at International Jewellery London, Professional Jeweller speaks to Geoghegan to find out more…

The word ‘rebrand’ gets thrown around a lot in the jewellery industry, with many who simply freshenup their offer with a new logo declaring they’ve undergone the process. What Andrew Geoghegan has done in the last 12 months is the perfect example of a true and carefully considered brand overhaul; taking into account larger aspects such as identity while also honing in on email sign-offs, type-settings and imagery.

The catalyst for the change centred on the way the brand was communicating with its customers and stockists, with Geoghegan feeling the luxurious quality of his jewellery was not being accurately represented; both on the shop floor and internally. To counteract this he threw himself into a rebrand, noting just how emotional the process has been. He explains: “The resolved brand strategy is all about focus and maturity. Customer insights, both from stockists and consumers, established that the overall offer was far too broad, had become confused and the brand was failing to articulate the qualities and essence of our now evolved practice and offer. This has resulted in us thinning our collection to bring focus and clarity to the offer, as well as a complete redesign of the brand’s visual identity to articulate a more mature, sophisticated and luxurycentred proposition, and a rethinking of both short, and long-term marketing strategies.”


He continues: “The marketing is incredibly confident and unique, but it still sits beautifully with other high-end luxury and lifestyle brands. Some of our clients will love it instantly and with others it may take a little time, and I’m absolutely fine with that. That’s not really important, what is important is what we do with it [the new branding].”

The revised Andrew Geoghegan brand will feature a sleek new colour scheme, a fresh typesetting and new point of sale materials. It also has a striking new logo, with a geometric ‘A’ and ‘G’ overlapping to create something more in-line with high fashion brands. This will also be supported by striking photography; both of product and lifestyle imagery, a new website, new look social media and a revised PR campaign. He adds: “We want to make sure that when people see our name in the press, there is no doubt that we are perceived as a confident and innovative British luxury brand. This clarity will be hugely beneficial to the brand.”

In terms of the brand’s essence, Geoghegan describes it as “refreshingly relatable, smart and knowing better than to take one’s self too seriously”. Revised marketing material also describes the brand as having an “apparent wit, playfulness and celebratory exuberance…tempered with an uncompromising attention to detail, design and production value”.

Geoghegan continues: “We are very established as a fine jewellery luxury brand and we believe we are one of the top in the UK in terms of manufacture, quality of design, uniqueness of design, and the fact we are British-made, which is very rare.”

Fans of the brand (both before, during and after its rebranding) look set to be spoilt for choice at this year’s International Jewellery London, with five significant launches and the announcement of a high profile celebrity fan and wearer of Andrew Geoghegan jewels. The Cannelé Délire – a cocktail ring set with an impressive Paraiba tourmaline accompanied with diamonds and gemstones – is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, while the Chocolate Box Truffle collection will finally see its mo- ment in the sun courtesy of an official trade launch.

Elsewhere, look out for the new Cannelé Twist and Celestial earrings and pendants, perfectly designed to accompany the brand’s best-selling Cannelé Twist engagement rings and Celestial cocktail rings. Finally, Geoghegan will give his Cannelé Cabochon collection an official trade launch, offering up a beautiful array of tanzanite, rubellite, Paraiba and tsavorite gemstones among others.

Although the high profile celebrity fan of Andrew Geoghegan can’t be revealed here, we can attest to the exciting and significantly influential profile on the individual in question. The piece that will be shown off in the partnership is the Cannelé chocolate diamond ring in rose gold — perhaps signalling the start of a brown diamond boom among style conscious consumers.

When the doors open on Olympia this year, it’s clear that the action will be far more symbolic for Geoghegan than for other exhibitors. For him, it will represent the end of a chapter of hard work while opening the floodgates for customer feedback. He comments: “Last year we had some challenges but that was brilliant in a way because it made me step out of what I was doing, step back from the business, reflect, and change.”

As well as asking himself some crucial questions, Geoghegan hired former Cartier employee Catherine Strangward as sales director, representing a significant step-forward for future growth and development of the brand. With everything now in place, IJL is certainly the perfect place for a bold relaunch. Geoghegan says: “It is about getting the message across to the trade that we are an incredible company. If you know about us or if you don’t, come and look at our offering and look at how we’ve rebranded. We are here to stay and we are serious about our craft.” The Professional Jeweller team will see you there, stand S106.

This feature originally appeared in the September issue of Professional Jeweller. Read it here.