Bright Sparks United will present a seminar at Jewellery & Watch titled ‘360 degree marketing: How your digital presence, content and visual identity can make or break your business’.

Ahead of the seminar Professional Jeweller caught up with Bright Sparks United founder Satbir Tamber to discuss what visitors can expect from the seminar and how the jewellery industry performs online.

Could you tell us about your seminar…


The team at Bright Sparks United will discuss the power of digital marketing and brand building in this insightful seminar. Topics will include developing local PR, targeting press releases, finding your ‘brand language’ and working with journalists. We will also discuss website and associated marketing, including vital SEO techniques to ‘future-proof’ your business. These are vital aspects on the journey to success in the current business environment for both jewellery brands and retailers.

How do you think the UK jewellery industry performs online as a whole?

We believe the UK jewellery industry is performing exceptionally well in terms of both total market growth and value. Since focused and accurate industry-specific data has emerged, we have witnessed exponential year-on- year growth in both fine and fashion focused jewellery. Online heavyweights such as Net-a-Porter and Astley Clark are leading the market and we have found that own-brand/boutique transactional sites from designers themselves are also becoming established. However, there is a huge untapped market ready for development for both brands and retailers. We feel many businesses are not embracing the revenue and brand development opportunities available to them.

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about selling online?

Creating a website and hoping for a constant flow of online sales is very unrealistic. Successful selling online requires a long-term strategy, ongoing investment and specific, measurable KPIs. Even during the design process, it is important to decide on specific parameters such as the platform the website is being developed on, the level of SEO, functionality offered and whether you will be able to manage content/imagery to update the website in-house or will that role be performed by the web development agency. These decisions will have long-term cost implications and must be carefully considered. Selling online is a huge opportunity and can make a positive impact on the bottom line, however, it is not a quick fix or easy way to make money. Treat it just like every other business decision and plan ahead.

Who would you say your seminar is targeted at?

All brands and retailers within the jewellery and watch industry who are serious about improving their business and increasing profits, whether they currently have a website or not. Furthermore, our seminar is about 360 degree marketing — integrating online marketing with effective ‘local’ PR, press releases and other strategies. These can make a difference between a website that languishes on an unknown page in Google, to a website that has consistent high quality targeted traffic driven to it, which will translate into online sales.

The seminar will take place Tuesday 9 at 3.25pm