Gemworld Munich is set to make its return this year with a three-day event from 22-24 October.

The industry has already taken to social media to express its excitement at the dual opportunity to mark the return to normal life and network with over 350 exhibitors, and unsurprisingly the event’s organisers are just as happy to be getting the show back on the road.

Munich Show managing director, Christoph Keilmann, tells PJ exactly why this year is set to be better than ever.


How much is the team looking forward to returning after the pandemic year?
We can’t wait to get back to business, back to normality, back to having real encounters with real people!

Seeing, touching, smelling – after all the digital presentations of the last months we are extremely excited that with Gemworld we can again offer a physical event that speaks to all senses.

It’s been a tough year for everyone, financially and emotionally.

Last year’s cancellation of Gemworld was, while necessary, a challenge for us as well as our exhibitors who basically lost a whole year of business.

But now is not the time to look backwards but to the future, and we’re more than happy to do exactly that.

Christoph Keilmann

Are there any changes to the Gemworld format this time around?
Based on the feedback we are getting and the current reservations we are expecting a huge participation from exhibitors and visitors alike this year. Gemworld 2021 will be busier and livelier than any edition before.

To react to this demand we have significantly expanded the B2B-area Gemworld Connect which is an exclusive space for registered trade visitors.

Furthermore, we have decided to open the fair to all visitors as early as Friday which in the past used to be open for trade visitors only.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming all of our guests at Gemworld, whether first-time or veteran”

The increased relevance of Gemworld for the industry this year does not only manifest in quantity, by the way, but also in the impressive kind and size of the participating brands.

What will you be doing to ensure the safety of everyone involved in regards to Covid-19?
It goes without saying that we will comply with all rules that will be effective in fall.

We have been monitoring the developments closely since the beginning of the pandemic and have developed safety and hygiene concepts that we continue to implement.

In addition to keeping up distance requirements in the generous and well-ventilated exhibition halls we will apply the so called 3G-rule, according to which only tested, recovered or vaccinated individuals will have access to the venue. Testing opportunities will be offered on-site.

Will the number of attendees be limited any more than usual?
Based on the current developments we don’t expect that it will be necessary to limit the number of visitors or exhibitors.

On the contrary, we are expecting a huge demand from exhibitors and visitors and are striving to meet it.

What sets Gemworld apart from other trade events?
Gemworld has a couple of qualities that make it unique: first of all it’s a fair with a long tradition.

Over many years we have gained a vast body of know-how and established profound trust between exhibitors and organisers.

Secondly, as a family-operated business with a local, hands-on team we are able to react to any special needs exhibitors may have extremely flexibly and swiftly.

Thirdly, our location qualifies us in a special way: Munich is ideally situated in the heart of Europe and easily reached, whether it’s from far away locations or from surrounding markets like Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that we have conducted an extensive market research study and, unlike some fairs, don’t consider ourselves to be a filter for the industry, but a future-driven platform that allows brands to thrive.

What would you say to someone considering buying a Gemworld 2021 ticket?
Go ahead! We’re looking forward to welcoming all of our guests at Gemworld, whether first-time or veteran, so they can experience gemstones, jewellery and brands first-hand with all of their senses. Feel the business!

Nowhere else in Europe will you find as many exhibitors from the gemstone, mineral and jewellery industries under one roof.

Can you describe the Gemworld Professional, Gemworld Showcase and Young Jewellery sections of Gemworld Munich?
Gemworld is part of the Munich Show, dedicated to jewellery and gemstones and seeing 40,000 visitors in regular times.

Gemworld Connect is Gemworld’s area that is reserved for trade visitors and professional buyers.

A meeting point for manufacturers, brands, goldsmiths and designers.

“Gemworld 2021 will be busier and livelier than any edition before”

The Gemworld Showcase concept is a bridge between Gemworld and Gemworld Connect: exhibitors can show their brand and products to end consumers in display cases or through beautifully designed wall surfaces with logos that are visible at the outer walls of Gemworld Connect.

The Young Designers corner is a talent competition in jewellery design for pupils, students and graduates of international design academies and vocational schools.

A top-class jury selects 10 finalists from all entries who will be allowed to show their creations at Gemworld Munich in October. There, the three best works are selected and awarded a prize.

Looking ahead, are you optimistic that this is the end of cancelled and rescheduled jewellery events?
While I can’t tell what the future holds I am optimistic that, in terms of the pandemic, we’re not looking at new cancellations and reschedulings.

It’s noteworthy though that the trade fair business was facing challenges before the pandemic.

However, I believe the experience of the last 12 months will lead to a renaissance in trade fairs: everyone noticed that digital formats can’t live up to the expectations.

No digital option can replace face-to-face exchange and therefore the demand for real-life interaction appears to be higher than ever now.

The world of trade fairs will surely be a different one next year – and we are looking forward to it!