INTERVIEW: Mark Milton predicts gold boom as Classic range makes IJL debut

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Fine and gold vermeil jewellery brand Mark Milton has returned to IJL this year to present the results of its brand refresh, including the launch of the Mark Milton Classic brand formerly known as Pepper Pink. We caught up with Mark Milton to find out more…

Q: How has the business changed and grown in the past 18 months – have you seen positive changes?

We’ve made many changes to our business over the last 18 months. We’ve refined our offer into two beautiful fine jewellery brands which sit together on our lovely website. These two ranges, Mark Milton Collection and Mark Milton Classic, complement each other and also have their own distinct style. We’ve completely changed the way we present our offer so that our wide-ranging collections (and our brand message) are easy to understand. We’re catching the attention of many new buyers who can immediately ‘get’ our story and we’ve also seen our former customers return in droves. So, yes! The changes have been extremely positive.

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Q: You recently added more gold collections to satisfy demand – do you feel like now is the time for 9ct and 18ct gold brands to really make their mark?

Absolutely, especially our two brands which combine our adventurous spirit with over three decades of experience in making gold jewellery. You’ll see this in our glorious new pieces for this year.

Q: What will you be showing to the trade at IJL and what are you most excited about?

We’ve extended our 18ct gold vermeil statement jewellery with our new Stardust range (our luxurious ‘wow’ pieces) and we’ve also added to our much loved 9ct Gold Glitter range. We’re bringing some big, colourful rings and pendants and of course lots of bold, unusual gold. We’re excited about IJL every year but this year we really have the perfect product.

Q: How do you think the jewellery industry has changed in recent years and do you feel optimistic about the coming years?

There seems to have been too much focus on marketing alone in recent years. The industry is in danger of relying on words and images rather than the product itself. Because of this shift in focus, there has been some confusion about materials and what being a ‘jeweller’ really means.

There is a definite return now to some traditional values and a huge increase in popularity and demand for real gold jewellery. There is now much more emphasis on the product and not just on the marketing. With this in mind, I’m really optimistic for the coming years. We are committed to making beautiful, considered product with a brilliant sales service to back it up and there couldn’t be a better time to be doing that.

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