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INTERVIEW: Savage & Rose director on the brand’s expansion into wholesale


Earlier this year, London-based jewellery brand Savage & Rose announced plans to expand into wholesale. We caught up with the brand’s director, Krishan Chopra, to hear about the wholesale plans and what makes Savage & Rose unique…

Why did you decide now was the right time to branch into wholesale?
We believe everything is in motion and running at a pace in order to handle the demands of the wholesale side of the business. Having been in the industry for so many years, wholesale is almost second nature for us so it was just about bringing the brand to a stage where retailers would be interested in stocking our collections.

What’s your goal for the wholesale side of the business this year?
The number of retailers we hope to work with isn’t a focus for us. What is a focus, however, is working with the right type of retailers who share the same vision and ethos as us, and who have an interest in working with a new fresh and exciting jewellery brand.

What type of retailers do you think would partner well with the brand?
From independents to department stores. We will work with anyone who shares the same target market. In terms of department stores, Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols are certainly part of the ultimate aim.

How will you support wholesale partners?
With our family’s extensive experience in the wholesale business, we know how to go leaps and bounds to support our retailers. From marketing support to packaging to display materials, all avenues are scrupulously perfected in order to give our retailers a flawless experience.

What would you say is Savage & Rose’s USP in the jewellery market?
Savage & Rose bridges the gap between fashion jewellery and high-end fine jewellery. Our design process and background allows us to create unique designs consciously invented to offer fine jewellery materials at an affordable price and for everyday wear. This is the essence behind the inception of every design.

Some of your designs feature gold and cubic zirconia, how do consumers react to this mix?
Our gold and CZ products have proven to be a great success. Our CZ collections are micro-set in 18ct gold and this balance of purchasing a valuable product that can also give the shine of a diamond has been attractive for consumers. This is also something that isn’t generally offered in the jewellery market so we are proud to have started this offering.


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