Sierra Consultancy, official 3Design software reseller and support provider for the UK and Ireland, has been keeping busy during the many lockdown periods over the last year.

The company supports the jewellery industry with professional computer-aided design (CAD) software, as well as training and development.

Now it had revealed in conversation with Professional Jeweller that it has been working hard behind the scenes to make improvements to its offering during the downtime imposed on the UK over the last year.


Pooja Sahny, director of Sierra Consultancy, said: “A brand new addition to our list of 3Design partners is Hockley Mint in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

“They have been added to our list of recommended service bureaus. A service bureau is a recognised 3D printing and casting company that can convert your 3Design CAD file into an STL and further manufacture your design.”

She goes on: “3DESIGN clients who have never used Hockley Mint’s services before are exclusively being offered one free 3D print and cast.

“Clients will be charged only for the metal. To take advantage of this special 3Design offer, contact Hockley Mint directly for more details.”

Next, the company also revealed that the 3Design software has been given an update and is now on version 10.

Sahny said: “The new version allows users to protect their design files in a virtual 3D Safe, providing complete security and ensuring only authorised users are permitted to open them.

“With 50 new features including 20 new tools, 3DESIGN runs up to 17% faster than previous versions.”

Discussing the software’s ‘Super Action’ tool, Sahny added: “This feature allows users to ‘record’ repetitive steps and save them as their very own customisable tool accessible within 3Design. Tools can be created from simple repetitive tasks to complex new builders, saving designers valuable time.”

Finally, the company is looking forward to the reopening of retail and the wider industry.

Sahny concluded: “With lockdown easing, it is time for businesses to understand that times have changed. It’s time to understand the path the industry is taking. Embrace technology, as this is now our future.

“We will keep the jewellery industry alive by supporting local trade. We need to remain united by supporting our local designers, local casters, local setters… Everyone needs each other right now.

“Good luck to those opening up their doors throughout this month!”