Ch. Dahlinger is a jewellery and watch packaging and stand specialist born in Germany.

On its 150th anniversary, managing directors Bernd Dahlinger and Valerio d’Adamo take PJ on a trip back in time through the company’s transformative history in the business.

Ch. Dahlinger was founded on July 6, 1871. As its 150th anniversary approaches, the jewellery box and display manufacturer is reflecting on 150 stellar years of company history in 2021.


A great deal has happened since its founding, with Ch. Dahlinger transitioning from a classic watch and jewellery box manufacturer to an international company that, alongside jewellers and goldsmiths, today also supplies its products to brands around the world.

The company’s product portfolio encompasses everything that a jeweller requires.

It also caters to the travel retail business with individually produced presentation cases for watches, jewellery, spirits, writing instruments or cosmetics, as well as presentation stands, displays and storage systems.

Regardless of sector, all Dahlinger products have one thing in common: they make the unboxing experience an unforgettable moment for customers.

The company has also overcome great adversity: four generations faced the challenges of the First World War, the global economic crisis and the Second World War.

The fifth generation then had to deal with transformation in the watch and jewellery sector, as well as increasing competition from East Asia in the 1970s.

Increasing globalisation at the start of the 1980s then forced the company to fundamentally realign its operations on both the procurement and sales sides.

In light of an ever decreasing number of jewellery retail shops, target groups needed to be expanded and new products developed.

Bernd Dahlinger (right) and Valerio d’Adamo

The turn of the millennium was characterised by China developing into the ‘world’s factory’. This could clearly be felt in the jewellery box sector.

Increasing competitive pressure forced the company to seek out new avenues for the future. A comprehensive strategic concept for a new business model was subsequently developed, securing its earning power and thereby its future.

This involved a transformation of the company’s structures and processes.

The greatest challenge for Ch. Dahlinger in this regard was outsourcing a large proportion of its in-house production to Asia.

“The company’s product portfolio encompasses everything that a jeweller requires”

With its new approach, Ch. Dahlinger was able to focus fully on the requirements of its customers in the years that followed and establish an additional revenue stream in the major customer segment of the luxury and lifestyle sector.

After almost 20 years, the company can reflect on the successful transformation with a sense of pride.

The combination of innovative product development in Germany and production with powerful partners in Asia secured Ch. Dahlinger’s position as one of the leading global providers in the sector.

Ch. Dahlinger is keen to transform its products into a visual and tactile experience for customers through appealing design and use of special materials.

Indeed, the boxes and cases have long since been about more than just protection – they are part of the experience and create a unique moment when opened.

The in-house design studio with a team of creative graphic and product designers supports customers from the first idea -to the final concept of their own customised solution.

Manufacturers of watches, jewellery, spirits, champagne, and more are also served worldwide with award-winning packaging.

Ch. Dahlinger took its first steps into the world of e-commerce back in 2001 with the development of an online shop available in five languages.

The online shop allows Ch. Dahlinger to serve new sectors and cater to the global market.

The company is also still working on expanding and optimising its e-commerce operations as a way of supporting and keeping pace with changes in the specialist retail sector.

“The online shop allows Ch. Dahlinger to serve new sectors and cater to the global market”

Today Ch. Dahlinger is managed in the fifth generation by Bernd Dahlinger and Valerio d’Adamo. The former has also been the sole shareholder in the company since April 2021.

Despite a declining trend in the specialised retail sector, the company has succeeded in increasing its sales revenue to around €35 million (£30 million) over the last few years.

Around three quarters of this revenue is generated overseas in more than 90 countries.

More than 100 employees of the corporate group at various locations and almost 50 sales representatives worldwide ensure that brand names appear on boxes, cases and displays – impressing end customers with their impact. In the UK six sales representatives advise customers on site.

Ch. Dahlinger and Hatton & Spencer started a new cooperation in 2019.

Ch. Dahlinger is fully aware of its corporate responsibility and is committed to supporting society and the environment.

It leads by example and repeatedly sets itself new targets to develop its products in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way, as well as to rethink existing processes.

With the introduction of the Dahlinger Eco Friendly Label, the company is keen to highlight the goals it has set for itself and label products that are produced from sustainable materials.

Maintaining a social media presence is also vital in the modern world, the company knows, as this provides a good opportunity to post news, marketing and information from the company.

Customers and applicants can then learn more about the people that work at Ch. Dahlinger.

“Ch. Dahlinger will be celebrating its 150th anniversary with and for its customers from July 2021 onwards”

Whether photoshoots, new products, live reports from trade fairs or staff interviews: anyone interested can get an impression of what Ch. Dahlinger is passionate about, while getting a sense that they are also part of it.

Ch. Dahlinger will be celebrating its 150th anniversary with and for its customers from July 2021 onwards.

The company has a multitude of activities planned that will underline its commitment to the sector and its clients.

Due to the disruptions of the pandemic, Ch. Dahlinger will be holding a large festival in the summer of 2022 to say thank you to its employees, who were fully committed not only during the global crisis but for the past 150 years, strongly contributing to the company’s 150 years of successful existence.