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INTERVIEW: Unique & Co founder on what it takes to be a leading jewellery supplier

Unique & Co - Gold

supplier Unique & Co. Here, the founder reflects on how well the company has done…

What was the vision for Unique & Co when you launched 20 years ago?
We were living in Germany at the time and through our family business we saw an opportunity in trends that were coming through in silver brands. We decided to create our own brand in silver jewellery with the trends that we felt would appeal to the rest of world.

How has the company evolved?
We started very small as three brothers from our parents’ retail shop in Germany. We then started the wholesale business and travelled all over the world. In the beginning we were more focused on the distribution of successful brands, but the last few years we turned our focus on our own brand and decided to push this forward with branding, marketing and new designs supported with good POS and packaging

What makes Unique & Co stand out?
We are quite unique. From the way we do business, to our designs and also the breadth of our collections. We try to do things differently to stand out from the crowd. We also always look for new trends and new materials. We were one of the first brands selling stainless steel jewellery in the UK and back then people were laughing about us — but it helped set us apart and became a core part of our collections. With our family retail background we understand what is important for a retailer. So as a supplier we always put our retailer first and try our very best to make them happy. If they are successful we will be successful. We are not competing with them by selling directly to end consumers. We’re essentially a family business and we like to have a personal relationship with our customers and retail partners.

How has business been in your 20th year?
We’ve had a good year and have so far even a small growth, which, in a tough retail climate, is really positive. This is due to our proactive strategy and investments into branding, with new marketing campaigns, POS material and packaging. We’ve also invested into new collections, most importantly our new 9ct gold collection, which has been received very well by our retailers.

What has been your business highlight this year?

Celebrating our 20th anniversary is a major highlight and achievement for us. Launching our Gold collection and selling to over 50 accounts in two months was also a great achievement with so much more potential that we can unlock.

Why did you decide to expanded into gold jewellery?

We wanted to do something special to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We had discussed launching a gold collection for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. It was important to us that the collection would appeal to our silver customer so our designs had to remain true to the brand and our price points competitive.

Where would you like to see Unique & Co in 20 years?
DO: To be honest we achieved much more than we were expecting when we started the business. You have to try your best and when opportunities come you need to take them. This is what we will continue to do; adjusting to the market, our customers’ needs and keeping flexible. It would also be nice to grow more internationally.


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