In September, jewellery and watch storage and safeguarding specialist WOLF launched its new My Legacy brand campaign, asking its loyal customer base to share their own “personal legacy stories” related to a piece of jewellery or a watch.

As WOLF reflects on its own legacy as a brand, dating back to 1834, customers were encouraged to share stories of their own sentimental pieces that they safeguard in a WOLF product.

Each customer who shared their story via the WOLF website received a watch or jewellery roll, used for the safekeeping of their most valuable piece, and usually valued at $100 (£79).


As examples, WOLF shared the stories of Brittany Cavaco and Andrew Waldan.

Cavaco wears her grandmother’s diamond stud earrings to help her feel close to her family as she travels around the world performing in the English Ballet.

Andrew Waldan’s father learned to make watches in a concentration camp during WWII, and Waldan now wears one of these watches that he managed to track down decades later.

We caught up with WOLF’s Kristine Benglyan to find out more about the My Legacy campaign.

Can you talk me through the key details of the concept behind My Legacy?
Special objects are connections to special people and moments in our lives.

The My Legacy campaign encourages consumers to share their personal legacy stories behind these objects with us and select stories are then featured on the blog.

The campaign features real people and is connected WOLF’s authentic purpose of Protecting Legacy.

For over 185 years WOLF has been crafting products provide a safe, secure home for ones most meaningful possessions. With fabrics that resist tarnish and watch winders that count turns, the objects that embody a legacy are safe in a WOLF.

We believe for a legacy to be endure it must be nourished and upheld. WOLF is dedicated to honouring people’s stories and the priceless jewellery and timepieces intrusted to us.

Why was the campaign created?
WOLF has been an industry leader for years and our consumers and retail partners know what we do. We handcraft the most exquisite designs of jewellery cases, watch winders, and safes.

What most don’t know is why we do it and that’s where the My Legacy campaign comes in. It is a beautiful way to connect with our consumers and share what inspires us at the same time.

How did you choose which stories to share (Brittany and Andrew) and why were these two chosen?

Brittany’s story was completely by chance. Last year during the holidays my mom and I went to see the Nutcracker together. Brittany was one of the performers.

There were moments during her performance when the light hit just right I could see her earrings. After the performance I reached out to her to ask about the earrings and the rest is history.

When it comes to Andrew it was a bit more intentional. I had read a New York Times story back in 2016 about Oscar Waldan.

(Andrew’s Father) Oscar’s story was so captivating and when we were finalizing the details of the campaign I knew I was going to reach out to Andrew.

When I connected with him I found out that Andrew was a big fan of WOLF and stored many of his watches in our watch boxes.

How many customers have engaged with the campaign so far and what’s the feedback been?
The campaign received 2M impressions and we have had around 10,000 customers engage with the My Legacy blog directly.

The average time consumers spend on the My Legacy page alone is 3.5 minutes. This is very impressive as 2-3 minutes is the average time consumers usually spend on websites as a whole.

As for submissions we have had 130 consumers share stories with us and we selected 48 stories to feature.

Why do you think a campaign like this is so important right now?
In recent years consumers there has been a major consumer shift. Consumers today are no longer looking for brands to define who they are.

Consumers are looking for brands to reflect who they are. The brand is the old hero, the consumer is the new hero. When the campaign was conceived our goal was to connect with our consumers in a personal way, but it became about so much more when the pandemic hit.

The campaign received 2m impressions and we have had around 10,000 customers engage with the My Legacy blog directly”

Given the current circumstances consumers were already thinking about what matters most to them and protecting the people they love around them. The campaign in a way encouraged consumers to share those stories with us.

How has the My Legacy campaign helped to drive sales?
It is changing the way consumers see our brand. We are transitioning from being a brand you turn when you need a jewellery box or watch winder to a brand you turn to for a legacy you need protecting.

What do you think is the secret to the success and longevity of the WOLF brand?
It’s a combination of multiple elements, our history, authenticity, timelessness, innovations and designs. Just to name a few.

What have been some of WOLF’s bestsellers this year?
Our Maria collection went from strength to strength after being released earlier in the year even though it was a truly travel orientated collection and no one was travelling!

British Racing Green watch winders and accessories has been a smash hit, braking all prior records in pre-bookings. It will fast become the most coveted collection we have.

What will be some of the main focuses for WOLF going forward into 2021?
More of the same really, focus on what the customer wants first, deliver the best experience whether it is the wrapping of a WOLF and the beauty of the gift box or the new designs and functions that keep your jewellery and watches the safest

How is WOLF dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and what strategies are you adopting?
Our “heads down and forge ahead” approach will continue, it was there before Covid and will be thereafter.

The WOLF-Pack is made up of dedicated, hardworking people who go the extra mile to help our customers.

It’s that energy and drive coupled with outstanding products that are a necessity once you won the precious jewel or timepiece that continues to make WOLF relevant to so many even through a pandemic.


  • My Legacy campaign was launched in September
  • Customers were encouraged to share their stories of their own sentimental pieces they would safeguard in a WOLF product.
  • Each customer who shared their story via the WOLF website received a watch or jewellery roll, worth £100.
  • The idea behind the campaign was to find personal connections with customers.
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