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Inverness empowers jewellers to deliver professional piercing


Inverness hosted its first ear-piercing training day, with representatives from brands and traditional jewellers attending.

As the first of three free training days in partnership with the NAJ, the debut session took place in Birmingham.

Rebecca Thorn, a brand manager and professional trainer with over 12 years’ experience, ran the day and training, supported by our senior sales manager Claire Wysockyj and account managers Nikki Howling and Emma Royal.

Every trainee pierced multiple times and many had their own ears pierced in order to experience the system and service they will offer.

At the end of each training sessions attendees leave fully trained and empowered to deliver professional piercing to their jewellery stores.

Each attendee got to pierce multiple times.

They will also get a certificate sent to store, which will prove they have had the appropriate training needed to pierce ears.

Training is where Inverness excels and as such they brand also offers in-store training, allowing every member of the team to qualify.

Alongside training, Inverness also helps jewellers promote the service with assets including store banners, social media materials, and vouchers.

Inverness will also help jewellers acquire a license if required.

The next confirmed training day will be exclusive to CMJ member on January 13.

Find out more about Inverness HERE.


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