Inverness Piercing distributor Goodman Bros has launched its new partner support website where customers can find Inverness partners in their local area.

The Inverness ‘Safe and Gentle System’ was validated as the world’s safest and gentlest ear piercing system by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The new site features a dedicated area for partners to be listed so consumers can use their postcode or town to find a list of local partner stores.


Partners are also able to send in their store and piercing area photos to give consumers a look at the site before they arrive.

The new website also features important factors consumers should consider when thinking about a piercing, guaranteeing that the piecer is professional, trusted and qualified, and the environment safe and hygienic.

A statement from Goodman Bros said: “With the thorough support we give and added steps we take to set up our piercing partners, consumers can choose anyone from our list and have both peace of mind about being pierced with the Inverness system, and confidence in the location’s dedication to providing a safe and comfortable piercing experience.”

Inverness has made sure it is here to support all its partners in order to help the resumption of ear piercing. It has created videos, social media content, and extra support materials. As video calling has become more convenient and accepted, it has set up refresher training sessions with Rebecca Thorn. Rebecca is the Inverness brand and training manager, and brings a wealth of experience.

The brand has suggested that its partners work on an appointment-only basis with their customers to for safety reasons at this time.

One of its partners, Matthew Stephens in Limerick, Southern Ireland, opened its doors to welcome customers back after the lockdown had been lifted. Unsure of how ear piercing would be welcomed again, it saw a successful first week with 95 piercings worth €4,470 (£4,461).

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