Inverness, the maker of one of the world’s safest and gentlest ear piercing systems, launched into the UK market last year with plans to help jewellers capatlise on one of the biggest trends of the moment.

Signing a UK distribution deal with Goodman Bros (Connoisseurs UK), Inverness provides a way for jewellers to offer an easy-to-use and professional ear piercing service.

Since landing in the UK, the firm has secured nearly 200 doors, and now it is gearing up to launch a consumer-facing website to help drive footfall to jewellers using its services.


The consumer-facing website will both reassure customers that Inverness is one of the safest tools to be pierced by, and provide a stockist page to help those interested in a piercing find the nearest jeweller they can book with.

The firm says: “Inverness is carried in nearly 200 stores now, so our aim is to communicate to the consumer that professional jewellers carry Inverness and it is the safest way – to drive the footfall to our jewellers.”

Retail stores offering a piercing service have experienced a lift in business, with many consumers returning frequently to the place they got their ears pierced to buy earrings.

Inverness hopes to help jewellers further by playing its part in getting people through the door in the first place.