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It is ‘vital’ that retail staff are not put ‘in harm’s way’ amid new facemask rules


New rules on the wearing of facemasks in certain places come into place in England today. 

Now, those without a facemask exemption must wear one in shops and on public transport, or risk facing a £200 fine that will double with repeat offences.

Responding to the announcement of new face covering rules in England from Tuesday, Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the British Retail Consortium, has expressed her support for the move.

She said: “Throughout the pandemic, retailers have made the safety of staff and customers their top priority. Over the last 20 months, retailers have done what is necessary to keep the public safe and will continue to implement all necessary measures now and in the future.

“Retailers will be communicating the new rules on face coverings in England through in-store signage and other channels.

“However, it is vital that we do not place hardworking retail staff in harm’s way, and enforcement of face coverings must remain the duty of the authorities.

“Furthermore, from tomorrow, we all have an individual responsibility to put on a face covering before entering a shop.

“Retailers have worked incredibly hard to get shops and warehouses prepared for Christmas despite a variety of challenges.

“While there may be small changes in the way we shop, we ask people to be considerate and we remain confident that everyone can get what they need for a fun and festive Christmas this year.”


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