It’s about quality, service, flexibility and trust


Brown & Newirth director John Ball on the benefits of British firms.

By John Ball

Quality, service, flexibility and trust. These are four key reasons to be doing business with British jewellery manufacturers, the life blood of the UK supply chain.

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Independent retailers are looking ever closer at their identity and core values, to establish how they can best benefit and secure additional market share of fine jewellery sales, and it is highly probable that fine jewellery has been a key contributor to their success. There is therefore no better time than the present to look at working more closely with established, well respected manufacturing partners who offer unrivalled flexibility, whom you can trust, and where the service and quality of product are key.

Retailers’ concentration in recent times has been to secure, integrate and develop sales of fashion led global brands – and rightly so – which, of course, have become an integral part of any successful retail jewellery business. Now, following a sustained period of courting and securing brands such as Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Ti Sento, the feeling is that retailers need to protect their identity and their independence, which may have been built over many years, perhaps even a generation or three, yet has been somewhat lost in recent times due to the development of fashion brand placement within their stores.

There are few true British-based manufacturing partners who are able to deliver quality and service whilst offering flexibility and ensuring a mutual trust. Therefore, it is imperative for the future success of our industry that you take the time to explore the benefits of working with a British jewellery manufacturer. This will enable us to continue nurturing new talent in both design and technical jewellery-making skills.

I have been fortunate during my time in the industry to build lasting friendships and business relationships with fellow manufacturers who also look to achieve the very highest level of product, service and support. With businesses such as WB The Creative Jewellery Group, C W Sellors, Charles Green, Carrs of Sheffield, Hockley Mint and Centre Jewellery we have a number of well-known manufacturers who are all able to offer and uphold quality, service, flexibility and trust.

As an independent business designing and manufacturing, Brown & Newirth passionately promotes new British-designed and British-manufactured jewellery through many mediums, not least through working closely with our customers. We are extremely proud of our heritage as well as our current position within the jewellery industry as a well-respected and trusted British jewellery manufacturer.

So, in the words of many independent retailers who are challenged by their town centre developments or otherwise multiple retailer competition, please use us or risk losing us.

This column was taken from the September issue of Professional Jeweller. To read the issue in full online, click here.

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