J to N of British design

We bring you some of the big names of British fashion.

Agree or disagree with the list, but doubt not that our fair isles pack a punch on the jewellery scene.

J is for Jayce Wong, Johnny Rocket, Jessica McCormack, Jacobs Jewellery Design

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Jayce Wong

London based Jayce Wong graduated from Central Saint Martins with a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Jewellery Design. Also a graduated gemmologist from the GIA, Jayce’s opulent jewellery showcases her passion for coloured gemstones. Through her progressive design and pioneering use of gemstones, Jayce transforms jewellery from daytime charm into night time glitz through one single medium – light. All the gemstones used in Jayce’s

K is for Karen Morrison, Kit Heath, Katie Rowland, Kathryn Barry, Kaz Robertson, Kirsty Davies

Karen Morrison

Karen first studied Fashion Design in Glasgow, her hometown, then moved to London where she worked as a Fashion Model for many years. After studying Jewellery, Art and Design she then worked with designers such as Reema Pachachi, EC One and Kate Dumbleton. With the knowledge and inspiration Karen gained from this experience she then moved on to designing her own collections. She now designs two or three collections a season.

L is for Lola Rose, Lara Bohinc, Laura Lee, Lucas Jack, La Diosa, Lauren Adrianna, Leblas, Leah Miles, Lua Lua

M is for Molly Brown London, Mark Milton, Mawi, Miquella, Mirabelle, Monica Vinader, Martick, Megan Thorne, Milena Kovanovic


Miquella launched its debut collection at London Fashion Week in February 2009. The designer places an emphasis on colour, using a variety of techniques and mixing together unique components and materials.

N is for Nest Creates

Nest Creates

The founders of Nest Creates, Kate Thorley and Zoe Youngman, are both award winning jewellery designers, who met for the first time in 2004, when they worked together in the heart of Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter. Combined, Zoe and Kate have accumulated 23 years experience as professional jewellery designers.



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