Jacob & Co. sparkles with new Clepsydra collection

Jacob & Co. has presented a range of new collections at Baselworld this year, including rose gold pieces set with diamonds and a range of high jewellery pieces with fancy colour diamonds. 

The brand has unveiled a number of new jewellery lines in Basel including the Papillon Collection, Jezebel collection, Rare Touch collection, Cerastes Collection, Clepsydra collection and Jacob’s Plume, the brand’s largest collection of 2015.

The Papillon Collection, composed of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and a headpiece, originally debuted 18K white gold, with white diamonds, carved blue topaz and pink, yellow and blue sapphires bringing a variety of textures and hues to the proceedings.

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At Baselworld 2015, Jacob & Co. has released a new take on the concept, with five new pieces and a new material for the collection: 18K rose gold. A pair of dangling earrings, a chic cuff bracelet and a pair of rings sport white diamonds combine to form a collection that honours the iconic beauty of the butterfly within a number of interpretations, each united by the graceful flight and dazzling visual accents of the Papillon.

The Jezebel collection pays tribute to the geometry and interlocking pattterns of the 1920s Art Deco era. While Jezebel earrings and bracelets breathe new life into the Art Deco style through combinations of 18K rose and white gold, titanium, white diamonds and gemstones of numerous colours, the collection now welcomes two new pieces in the shape of a headpiece in 18K white gold and a choker connected to an arm piece by rows of sparkling diamonds.

Jacob & Co. has also unveiled the Rare Touch diamond-encrusted glove collection and a never-before-seen 18K rose gold dress adorned with white diamonds.

The Clepsydra collection, meanwhile, challenges the relationship between jewellery and time, with the hour-glass shape evident in Clepsydra’s flexible cuff bracelet, dramatic ring, and striking earrings.

Jacob’s Plume is the brand’s largest collection of 2015 and takes on the allure of a bird’s feathers and dresses the feminine form with a precious plumage of its own.

Rather than composing an entire piece centered on a single quill, this collection features earrings, bracelets and necklaces in which feathers flock together, gently floating or playfully swaying in harmonious independence.

Finally, the Cerastes Collection is a serpent-inspired collection, which harnesses the natural fluid motion of the serpent to adorn its wearer with gentle yet striking elegance.

Combining white diamonds with 18K rose or white gold, the creations present shimmering serpents in the form of earrings, a glove and unique necklace.