Government initiative to set new standards for craft apprenticeships.

Jason Holt will chair the Government’s Craft Trailblazer apprenticeship initiative in a bid to support and advise young people building careers in the UK jewellery industry.

Following the recent announcement that craft employers will be taking part in phase two of the Government Trailblazer scheme, Jason Holt, chief executive office of Holts Lapidary has been invited to chair the Craft Trailblazer branch.


This initiative will allow the industry to address major issues, including the lack of young people and graduates entering the trade with the right skills.

Holt, who has spent recent years advising central government on their education policies, introduced one of the first apprenticeship schemes in the sector with the creation of Holts Academy of Jewellery in 1999.

Having declined the post of chair of the British Jeweller’s Association to take up this post, Holt believes the Craft Trailblazer scheme is the best way to influence change and ensure the creative industries have a voice in government.

Holt revealed: “I am delighted that we have been successful in our proposal to pilot the Government’s new apprenticeship reforms. The craft sector is incredibly diverse and this coupled with the number of small businesses has made it difficult to operate apprenticeships under the current system. This is an incredible opportunity to shape an apprenticeship which will deliver the right training and skills for our respective businesses and the craft sector as a whole.”

It was announced on March 6 2014 as that craft employers will take part in phase two of the Trailblazer pilot scheme – part of the Government’s reform programme for apprenticeships.

A group of craftspeople, craft businesses and associations will come together, chaired by Jason Holt, to define new apprenticeship standards and assessment practices for young people.

This new standard could be available for apprentices to use from early 2015.