Collective announces fresh talent at its OXO Tower gallery.

The Jewellery Designer’s Collective (JeDeCo) has announced the names of new designers who will showcase their wares at its OXO Tower gallery from June 12.

The nine new designers on-board include IJL Kickstarter Jeanne Marell, Alexandra Tosto, Belinda Norrington, Chris and Joy Poupazis, Kochi Okada, Emma Lavery, Saint Michael and Sima Vaziry.


The new wave of talent will be presented at a party, complete with Pimm’s, on Thursday June 12 from 6pm.

Designers can now receive cross-mentoring from fellow JeDeCo members, advice on how to design a well-rounded commercial collection, information on pricing and sales administration methods and vital business marketing skills.

In addition, JeDeCo has refreshed its logo to more accurately reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of the 25 Uk-based designers it currently represents.

Members are also preparing for the launch of a new e-commerce website, which will complete JeDeCo’s ‘bricks and clicks’ offering.

Founder Cindy Dennis Mangan said: “JeDeCo at Oxo is going from strength to strength so please join us to welcome our newest gallery members with their retail jewellery collections this Thursday. Together with our new logo and the imminent launch of our e-commerce platform, JeDeCo has never been better placed to capture the attention of jewellery lovers the world over.”