Fashion designer creates five new timepieces with artistic twist.

Swatch is continuing its associations art and fashion design with a second collaboration with accessories and fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

The American designer has created five new designs in his “typically bold, witty and provocative style”. His previous Swatch collection included an oversized watch with a photo frame border and a timepiece designed to look like a lightning strike.


The new collection retails from £38-£63 and includes designs called Melted Minutes, Swatch Punk and Double Vision.

The Melted Minutes timepieces features a transparent plastic dial, created with an amusing melted visual effect – a Dali-style surreal approach to timekeeping.

The designer has also utilised his love of colour in the Swatch Punk timepiece, which boasts an standout solid green dial with black hands and is contrasted by silicone strap with printed leopard patterns and six bold yellow loops, which wrap twice around the wrist.

He has also created a special limited edition oversized timepiece called the Hypnotic Heart. Limited to only 777 pieces, the Hypnotic Heart is a super-sized 12cm wide and can be worn as a pendant around the neck.

Scott’s first collection for Swatch was released in March this year. He has also designed bags for Longchamp including a design with a telephone print. He has also designed sunglasses for legendary brand Linda Farrow and trainers with wings for Adidas.