Government officers have reportedly been seen seizing the contents from a Jersey jeweller whose owner was on trial last year as part of a money laundering scandal.

The owner of Darius Pearce Jewellers, it was reported by the Jersey Evening Post, was accused of money laundering on behalf of a drugs gang.

He was found guilty of acquisition, use, possession or control of criminal property last December.


The Jersey Evening Post reported that the jeweller’s owner, Darius Pearce, was buying gold bullion with the gang’s drug money before giving the gold to the gang members.

The jeweller was reported by the Bailiwick Express to have said at his trial that he “simply did not have his suspicions aroused” that anything illegal was taking place.

In the wake of the December trial, officers of the Viscount of Jersey have now been seen seizing the contents of the store.

The jeweller is set to receive his sentence next month.