A Jersey jeweller found guilty of three counts of money laundering in December 2020 has now been sentenced to seven and a half years of jail time for his crimes.

Darius Pearce, a former Jersey politician with previous charges of assault against his then-wife, was first arrested for money laundering in 2019.

He was money laundering for a group of drug traffickers who were also arrested and charged as part of Operation Lion.


He was later arrested again and charged in October 2020 when further evidence emerged. He went to trial in December after initially pleading not guilty.

Pearce used his business to receive cash with which to purchase gold, which was then used to fund the importation of drugs into Jersey.

Detective chief inspector Craig Jackson said: “This was a large, complex investigation which involved a number of suspects and significant analysis.

“Pearce changed his story several times along the way but the evidence was strong and his sentence now adds to the 74 years custody that the Royal Court sanctioned in 2020 to the other seven offenders investigated as part of Operation Lion.”

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