Twenties Collection designer Drew Perridge with his wife at the Jersey Pearl launch party.

CarbonNeutral brand collaborates with jeweller for Twenties range.

Pearl brand Jersey Pearl has collaborated with jewellery designer Drew Perridge on a new 1920s-inspired range of jewellery called The Twenties Collection.

Perridge has created a range of silver, gold vermeil and layered pearl designs for the Twenties Collection, which takes inspiration from icons of that decade such as starlets Louise Brooks and Greta Garbo and architecture including the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building.


Jersey Pearl said that it chose to focus on the 1920s for this Art Deco-style collection, which is a move towards a more fashion-forward offering from the brand, because it was during this decade that “pearls came to the people”. Before the invention of cultured pearls by Mikimoto in the 1920s only royalty could afford to wear pearl jewellery but once cultured pearls were introduced to the market the wider public began to wear pearls.

Jersey Pearl prides itself on its status as an ethical jewellery company. Pearls are farmed in a way that protects the aquatic environments in which they are grown and the company has now been certified as CarbonNeutral as it offsets any carbon created in the farming and shipping of its jewellery.

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