Jesper Nielson, entrepreneur and founder of Endless Jewelry, has emphasised the importance of online sales at the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) EDF Congress. 

Addressing delegates, Nielsen discussed plans for his latest venture, Amazing Jewelry, and stressed the need to seize online sales opportunities.

“As much as we focus on the retail part of it, we must also focus on the online side too. Anything that is not capable of working with your smartphone will not be successful. That’s a fact. With my new venture, Amazing Jewelry, for the first time in my projects, online is at the top of the scoreboard. It’s a retail plus online brand. The goal is for women around the world to think, ‘I need some jewellery’, and the first place they go is our website. The store network is a support network for that.”


Inspired by a popular Spanish jewellery brand, Nielson plans to provide a more cost effective offering in order to reach a wider market, and millenials in particular.

Nielsen added: “The way I see the industry in the future, is that we weren’t good at getting consumers to buy online, but we will in the future.”