Peroni beer invites designers to celebrate 150 years of Italian style.

Quirky jewellery designer Jessica de Lotz has teamed up with fashion blogger Emily Johnston for a ‘collaborazioni’ with Italian beer Peroni.

The designer was asked to create a piece of jewellery that represents her interpretation of “150 years of Italian style”. She has worked on the project with Johnston, who has documented the design process on her fashion blog Fashion Foie Gras.


Two other designers have been involved in the project, including menswear designer Shaun Sampson and fashion designer Maarten Van Der Horst.

On November 3 Peroni will hold a one-night-only exhibition for the three designers at a location on trendsetting Old Street in London. De Lotz is yet to reveal details of the design, but earlier this year she collaborated with Smythson on a Royal Wedding collection, creating imaginary seals for Catherine and William.

Johnston has followed the progress on her blog. She said “[The] Peroni Collaborazioni is a project that came about as an idea to promote great Italian aesthetics at work in modern day design. Three fashion bloggers, myself, Susie Bubble and Disney Roller Girl, were asked to choose a young and upcoming designer in London and work with them to develop a collection piece that embodied elements of Italian style.”

“I chose the very talented Jessica de Lotz to work with on this project. For those of you that have been reading the blog for a while now you may remember that I profiled Jessica earlier this year in her studio, where she invited me in for tea and conversation.”