Software developer launches app for iPads, iPod touch and iPhone.

By Jessica Knowles

A new app called Jewel Tool has been launched for iPad, iPhone and iPod, offering a collection of price calculators for jewellers incuding a gemstone weigh calculator and precious metal calculator.

The £29.99 app was created by Secret Attic Software and has been launched in the UK in partnership with Hartman Jewellers in Stafford. Jewel Tool is a collection of jewellery calculators including: a jewellery pricing tool, customer reference system, online precious metal price calculator, gemstone weight calculator, and wax-to-metal weight calculator.


Secret Attic designed the application in partnership with bespoke jewellers with the hope that it will be used by jewellers including independent craftsmen through to the large workshops. Jewel Tool allows users to create bespoke jewellery designs from a catalogue of parts and tasks and calculate a cost using precious metal prices sourced from online rates. The app also responds to alterations to designs or sales prices such as changing the mark-up percentage or modifying a precious metal for a single component.

The app also features a customer database that offers a customer’s design request as a base design from which any new design requests can be created or updates with the aim of simplifying the re-order process.

Secret Attic Software director Dr David White said: "We want to dramatically reduce the time it takes to price-up jewellery. From the start we’ve consulted with independent bespoke jewellers, and their input to Jewel Tool has been invaluable."

Dr White is a Staffordshire-based software developer who has previously created adaptations of classic Dicken’s titles, such as Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol, in the form of responsive books for children.

Prior to release Jewel Tool was given to jewellery workshops for testing and it was found that, on average, Jewel Tool was saving jewellers around 30 minutes for each quotation, with a single quote taking between 5 to 10 minutes.

Jewel Tool is available for £29.99 from the Apple App Store.

Versions for other mobile and tablet platforms (including Android) are currently under development.

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