Alan Morris sold off customers’ jewellery that had come for repair.

By Craig Heatly

Scottish jeweller Alan Morris, owner of Figaro Jewellers in Hamilton, appeared in court last week to admit to 13 charges of theft, having stolen almost £100,000 of gemstones from his customers.

The Scottish Daily Record reported that Morris, 55, has been steadily stealing from his customers over a number of years.


Police were first alerted to Morris’ action in 2010 after customers became suspicious that items that they had taken to Figaro jewellers for repair did not return. It was later revealed that Morris had been selling on his customer’s jewellery in an attempt to cover his mounting personal debts.

It is believed Morris has not been seen in his store for a year. He had blamed the issue of the disappearing jewellery on the goldsmiths that he had used for repairs for several years, claiming that he had taken on extra staff to cover the backlog of repairs.

In 2010 Morris said: “We are and independent store and I’m sure everyone knows how hard it is in the current climate. We are not rapists, murderers of paedophiles. It is a business problem that is being resolved as we speak.” 

He is now facing jail after admitting to the charges and his lawyers entered a plea deal on his behalf.