One of the UK’s first online marketplace for the safe purchase and sale of second-hand jewellery has launched, with the aim of ensuring that buyers are receiving authenticated items.

Jewellery Guru, launched by Nottinghamshire family business Jollys Jewellers, wants to offer people to opportunity to sell their old or unworn jewellery at a fair price to other jewellery enthusiasts in the UK.

Launched by Jollys Jewellers, a local family business, Jewellery Guru aims to tackle two big industry issues: authenticity and a fair pricer.


The copmpany states that over 150,000 jewellery listings online are fake, with over half of these being on eBay. The jeweller aims to eradicate this problem by using a thorough verification process.

The second-hand marketplace also promises to offer sellers the chance to advertise their goods at near retail value. It says that the current system of selling back to jewellers sometimes results in offers as low as 10% of the original price, but the business wants to combat this by supporting sellers through the whole selling cycle.

Jewellery Guru managing director, Tom Ginever, shares: “The concept was devised in order to fill what we feel is a huge gap in the second hand jewellery market.

“My many years experience in the industry has shown me that people are often faced with many issues when attempting to buy and sell jewellery online, and we feel our selling environment removes many of these obstacles.”

The marketplace is available via website or app.