The Jewellers Academy is hosting a free online retreat for jewellers struggling with emotional and business-related effects of COVID-19. 

The event is to take place solely online with live workshops running every evening from April 14-16 2020 on topics to help jewellers to feel calm, tap into their creativity and protect their wellbeing as well as their business during this time.

People from all over the industry are attending and every jeweller from complete beginner to seasoned professional is invited to join.


The event is being organised by Jessica Rose, founder of the Jewellers Academy and the award-winning London Jewellery School in Hatton Garden.

‘We know everyone is going through their own personal struggle right now, businesses are struggling, many jewellers are anxious about the future, the aim of the retreat is to bring the whole community of jewellers together in a space where we can work on our own creativity and wellbeing, as well as addressing business needs for the future. Everyone is invited and the power of community and connection is something we all need in these times,” Jessica Rose shares.

Some of the sessions covered will include: Self-care for Jewellers, Yoga for Jewellers, How to Run a Jewellery Business in Turbulent Times, Bench Tips for Makers and Creating without Purpose. Each session is run by a different expert or tutor.

“The goal is to remind us what we love about jewellery and this industry and to look after everyone in this community,” says Rose.

The Jewellers Academy has also opened a phone line for jewellers to call to get support during this time or to simply have a friendly face to speak too who understands.

Professionals can ring Mon-Fri 9am-2pm on 0203 176 0546.