A Signet-owned jewellery store has come up with a clever marketing promotion amid the news that consumers are panic-buying toilet roll.

Jared Jewellery in the United States is selling toilet paper for $3999 (£3,000), with a free 1ct diamond ring.

The coronavirus-inspired joke promotion comes as sellers on Ebay have been selling toilet paper for as high as £6,000.


While the impact of coronavirus on jewellery businesses has been largely negative, many have tried to find a silver lining, using the outbreak to build brand awareness – with marketing promotions like buying toilet paper and receiving a free diamond ring with each purchase – and helping to drive consumers into store by showing them how they can clean their jewellery and prevent germs spreading.

Since Jared Jewellery’s promotion has been shared on social media, other jewellers in the United States have followed.

Call to clean jewellery to combat coronavirus spells opportunity for jewellers